About us

Natalija Jambrečić, managing partner

Natalija is a professional with over 20 years of experience in financial sector, that includes a wide scope of activities, from risk management and collection, to accounting standards, reporting and IT.

She worked in a several credits institutions, and collect experience in operational management from department manager to the board member.

Function of member of the Management Board she maintains in two mandates, and was responsible for risk management and support operations (Banking Operations Sector, Department of Finance, IT Department and Control functions). As well, she was responsible for communication and coordination with the regulatory authorities (CNB, HANFA) and external audit.

Natalija graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. She is also certified Forensic Expert (accounting and finance) and Expert Witness for the banking, finance and accounting.

Her preferences are analytical data processing, prevention and detection of fraudulent acts in business, as well the opinions for managing trial procedures or non-judicial settlement in banking, finance and accounting.

Sanja Janči, partner

Sanja is a financial expert with more than 20 years of banking experience especially in the field of Risk Management and NPL management.

She began her career in Međimurska bank (PBZ Group) as head of processing and accounting loans and other risk products. Since 1998 she has been oriented to the risk management. From the position of Director of Risk Management Sector she came in 2007 at VABA d.d. bank in Varaždin where was also responsible for the establishment and improvement of the risk management at the same position. With further specialization in the voluntary and forced collection he became Director of NPL management Sector. Her business career continues in the private sector by joining the CPA team in September 2016.

Sanja’s specialty is business consulting, credit and financial analysis, feasibility studies, business plans, restructuring plans and real-estate management.

Sanja graduated on the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varazdin. During business career, she has attended numerous trainings and seminars related to the risk management and other areas of the banking business.